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This 12-year-old girl, Aleema Ali ignited her head with a lice-killing shampoo and burned 55% of her body



Going back four years ago,  This pretty  12-year-old British girl got her head ignited with a lice-killing shampoo and eventually burned 55% of her body.

Now she is a 16-year-old girl, she  talked about her burns and her life afterwards in interviews such as “The Sun” and “Metro.”

In December 2016, Aleema Ali (16), who lives in Bradford, UK, decided to return to her home to get rid of head lice in her school dormitory.

On the night he returned home, Alima had her mother apply a generous amount of commercially available lice-removing shampoo “Full Marks Solution” to her head and decided to leave it for a while as instructed in the instructions.

“I’ve got a little time, so maybe I can help my mother.”-Alima thought so and went to the kitchen with her sticky head trying to get rid of the trash.

However, this has influenced Alima’s subsequent life. The moment Alima approached her mother, who was cooking in the kitchen to get rid of the trash, her hair caught fire and her entire head was covered in flames. In this way, Arima is in shock because her upper body is wrapped in fire.

An ambulance was called immediately, and Arima arrived at the hospital 10 minutes after the accident. However, he suffered severe burns to 55% of his body, including his face, head, arms, chest, abdomen, thighs, back and hands, and was placed in a drug coma for two months in the intensive care unit.

“I was 12 years old at the time and didn’t know that the disinfectant was highly flammable. When my head caught fire, I was just surprised and thought,’I’m going to die.'” Looking back.

She talked about her life after the accident as follows.

“Since I woke up from a coma, I had a hard time-fighting pain. My recovery was slow, and I have endured more than 100 surgeries such as skin grafts, but I still need surgery.”

“This burn changed my life. I still have nebulizers (inhalation of drugs for respiratory illnesses), humidifiers and creams to protect dry skin, pressurized clothing, and every day. Medicine is indispensable. Moreover, I lost 7 fingers due to a burn and now only 2 can move. ”

“Still, I think I’ve changed in the last four years. I’m here because I’ve been supported by so many people. I’m much stronger, brave, and confident than I used to be. Not just in appearance, but in appearance. I’ve come to like my inner self, so in a way I’m grateful for the burns. I’m very happy now. ”

Alima is very strong, but now she is attending college and has excellent grades, so she seems to be very active. TikTok, which has 250,000 followers, has posted a number of makeup tutorial videos. And Arima, who did not lose the accident and headed for the camera with a smile, said, “I’m inspired”, “Inner beauty is the most important!”, “I don’t think I’m 16 years old. I’ll continue to do my best.” Many support messages have arrived.

By the way, an accident during head lice extermination occurred last year, and in Turkey, a 16-year-old girl who washed her hair with kerosene, believing that it was “effective for head lice,” was severely burned by touching the stove .

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