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Strange!! UK 10-year-old girl, Maisie Gooderham suddenly complained of a headache and died



Maisie Gooderham Death  – It may seem strange, but it happened recently in England when a supposedly healthy young girl suddenly complained of a headache, was taken to hospital, and then died.

Maisie Gooderham and her mum

The girl, who is only 10 years old, died two weeks later without any treatment. Many are shocked by the words of their mother, who said: “The Time bomb was ticking in my daughter’s head.” “Ar” reports “Hayeli” and etc.

The death of Maisie Gooderham from the English city of Essex was reported by the local media, Cambridgeshire Live.

On a hot and sweaty day on August 7 this year, May, who was at home, suddenly collapsed when she told her mother, Sally, (47). “Mom, I feel sick.” Sally and her husband, 51-year-old Ian, immediately called an ambulance, and Macy was taken to Adenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge.

Doctors found out that Macy had a catastrophic haemorrhage in the brain, they put him in an artificial coma. May seemed healthy, but her brain aneurysm damaged the blood vessel wall and caused bleeding in the brain. His mother, Sally, said he “wanted to see some sign” before Macy had such a situation.

After that, May was still alive with a life support system, but the doctor told Sally և Ian that “there is no hope of improvement.” The Uyghur made a tough decision to remove the life support system.

The day before Macy said goodbye, The couple spent the entire day together. At night, I got permission from the hospital and spent time in the same bed as Macy-chan, painting on my hands and feet, taking hands and feet, and making a day as memorable as possible. And on August 21, two weeks after Macy collapsed, the life support system was removed and she died quietly.

Macy’s funeral was held on September 18th. By the way, in England, funerals are sometimes held one week after the death of the deceased, sometimes as long as two weeks.

It’s been a month since the funeral, and her mother, Sally, is finally able to talk about Macy. Regarding the aneurysm that caused Macy’s death, which looked healthy, Sally said, “I was ticking in Macy’s head until the time bomb exploded. When did it explode? It may have been in a good condition, “he said.

In addition, Sally and Ian, who have had a difficult time in the pandemic, are fortunate to have been able to spend valuable time with Macy at home due to self-isolation for two to three months before Macy died. It was revealed that it was.

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