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A Russian circus trainer, Valentin Bulich attacked by a bear dies while on a live performance



A Russian circus trainer who was identified as Valentin Bulich dies after has attacked by a bear while on a live performance.

The man at the time of the accident was wearing a mask, and it is suspected that the bear could not recognize the man’s face.

The bear whose name is “Yasha” was attacked by Valentin Bulich (28), He was aspiring to be a trainer at the “Great Moscow State Circus” in Russia. Passed away.

According to other staff, Valentin himself entered Yasha’s cage and locked it from the inside to prevent Yasha from escaping. And when he turned his back to Yasha, he was attacked.

Valentin was immediately rescued from the cage by the staff around him who noticed the accident, but his scalp was torn and his body seemed to be scratched. Valentin was confirmed dead at the hospital where he was transferred.

At the beginning of the accident, Valentin, who had dreamed of becoming a bear trainer, was reported to have “entered a cage for his own training”, but in reality it was due to regular cleaning work. I know I entered.

A circus official told the local news agency “BAZA Media” about the situation at the time of the accident.

“Yasha knew Valentin very well. What happened? He went into the cage forgetting to remove the mask he was wearing to prevent the transmission of new pneumonia.”

“That’s why Yasha didn’t realize he was Valentin. The moment he turned his back on Yasha, he was attacked.”

“Everything was working as usual. He went into the cage, locked it, and looked back with his mask on.”

Due to this fatal accident, the situation at that time and the safety management of the circus were investigated.

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