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Ukrainian Fitness Influencer Who Doesn’t Believe In Corona Dies From The Virus



A popular Ukrainian Fitness influencer Dmitri Stuschuk, 33 years of age who said corona doesn’t exit has died from the virus. He got infected with virus and tested positive, he got admitted to a hospital in Kiev. His condition deteriorated so dramatically that the healthy, fit man died. Shortly before his death, he made the U-turn. He warned his million Instagram followers according to “Mirror” about the virus. But it was already too late for him.

During a trip through Turkey, the 33-year-old Dimitri Stuzhuk was infected with the coronavirus. The disease was only noticed when Dmitri Stuschuk was back in his homeland, Ukraine. His neck was swollen and he had difficulty breathing.

With a respiratory mask on his face, he warned: “Covid is not a disease that can be overcome quickly. She is serious. ” After eight days he was supposed to leave the hospital. He is stable. As soon as he got home, his condition deteriorated rapidly.

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