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Cardi B finally deletes her Twitter page after she got trolled on social media over her divorce with Offset



On Monday, the famous American rapper finally deleted her @iamcardib account, which had already managed to have more than 15 million followers, before turning it off over the weekend.

Cardi B, who is still active on Instagram, however, explained to Instagram Live on Saturday night why she left the platform, which stems from criticism of her divorce with offset with Offset.

“A whole group of 15-year-olds are telling me how I should live my life, like I’m a mom to Ariana Grande or something,” Cardin said sarcastically, “as if I came from Disney or something.”

According to Rap-Up video

But the check was enough for him. “I am so tired that thanks to you I have to constantly explain myself,” she said. “I did not put my divorce there, the clerk of the court announced it there. And because people are whispering.

She also addressed the fans for attacking her make-up artist, her foreign husband. “So you want to be fu ** kin ‘harassin’ this ni ** a. Brother, if I’m working on something, why are you going to go to this ni ** a Twitter to harass her? In that sense, there is no such thing as a “fuchsia.”

Cardin recently started smoking again, alarming some fans. “When I was a stripper, I smoked cigarettes every day. I have been smoking since I was 15 years old. “I started smoking because I was bored and drank on my birthday,” she said. “I am not an avid smoker. I don’t even really smoke, so stop. ”

Although she thanked her fans for their support, she is tired of explaining her life.

“I love my fans, thank you, thank you for everything you do, but some of you will really do as I sleep with all of you.”

According to Cardi, she deals with issues outside of divorce, including the absence of a manager.

She said. “Offset is not the only solution I have to deal with,” she said. “With that being said, my marriage is one of the few concerns I have right now.”

Cardi and Offset reunited at Cardi’s Las Vegas birthday party just weeks after filing for divorce. “I’re just starting to miss [him],” she said. “It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have a grandfather. “

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