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A police officer, Constable Buyisani Biyela has been arrested following a shooting near Nkandla gas station



The Independent Police Investigation Department (Ipid) has stepped up its investigation into a shooting in Nkandla where a police officer allegedly opened fire on a group of men, killing one.

According to Ipid, 28-year-old Const Buisan Biella was returning home from work when he stopped in the garage to get food. Since he was not wearing a mask, he asked the cashier to help him while he was standing outside.

After exchanging words between Biella and “four other men” in the garage, a police officer allegedly fired at the group, killing one. The other men fled.

Ipid posthumously participated in Eshowe on October 13.

On October 14, Biella applied for a Nkandla master’s degree and was arrested while Ipid was completing an investigation, There will be a bail exam this week.

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