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Strange!! Man found still breathing in a freezer case 20 hours after his body was stored there



Meet Balasubramanian Kumar a man who lives in Kandampatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.

He was found breathing in a freezer case to store his body on the 13th of this month. Barras has been in the freezing case for about 20 hours and police have begun an investigation.

According to The Times of India, 74-year-old (some reports say 73) Baras Bramanian Kumar lost his wife two years ago and lived with his brother Saravanan (70) and his niece.

He was ill on the 12th, and when Sarabanan took him to a local hospital run by an individual, the doctor said, “It’s not long anymore, so take me home.”

The hospital then handed Sarabanan a death certificate, even though Barras Bramanian was still alive. After returning home, Sarabanan rented a freezing case to put her body on the same day.

Bramanian had informed his relatives that he would hold his brother’s funeral on the 13th of the next day.

Thus, around 5 pm on the 13th before the funeral, a trader who came to pick up the freezing case discovered that Mr. Baras Bramanian was moving through the glass.

When the staff asked Sarabanan, “Is the body’s hand trembling?”, He said, “I’m just having a seizure.” When asked, “Why can I have a seizure when I’m dead?”, He said, “I’m just waiting for my brother’s soul to leave the body.” It is.

After that, the staff reported to the police by recording a video of Mr. Baras Bramanian opening his eyes and breathing.

Barras Bramanian was taken to a government hospital in Salem.

Police have heard from the hospital and Sarabanan that issued the death certificate, but details have not been disclosed.

Indian media also reported on the 16th that Mr Barasbramanian died of lung disease at the hospital he was transferred to.

The news said, “The hospital is too sloppy.” “I heard that my brother has a mental illness but did his relatives and family members notice before the funeral?” “I was in the freezing case for 20 hours.

There are comments such as “It is strange that I was alive” and “It would be a tragedy if I died as a result of this.”

By the way, there have been many reports of cases of the death being declared even though they are alive, and in August of this year, an 81-year-old woman who was taken to the morgue in Russia was told to the staff that she was alive and lying on the floor, It had been discovered.

In April, a 46-year-old woman was rescued when a funeral home staff member noticed that the body bag was moving in Paraguay .

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