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B&B Robbery Near Addo: Guests Shot And Robbed By Balaclava-clad Gang In Eastern Cape



Five suspects dressed in balaclava on Friday night shot and robbed guests at a bedside breakfast near Addo.

The members of the police force have already beefed up an investigation on two counts of attempted murder after the guests were shot dead and robbed by men wearing balaclava on a farm’s breakfast bed near Addo in Cape Ardeal last night.

Briefing the news media, The police revealed that the five guests were sitting in the area of the hotel Braai at 20.30 when one of them noticed that the five suspects were crawling on the ground towards them.

Police spokesman Major Majola Nkohli said one of the suspects then started firing.

“One of the bullets hit the victim’s upper body.

“The second victim was slightly injured during the blockade after one of the bullets hit him in the thigh,” Nkohli said.

“The suspects stole like laptop, a wallet, a handbag and a mobile phone before they made their way out of the scene.

Attempted murder and house robbery case is under investigation.

“Police are urging anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact Addo Police.”

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