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Titans Cheerleader, Patrick Holz Has Passed Away



Patrick Holz has sadly passed away. Patrick Holz who was involved in a terrible accident on October 5th 2020 and was hospitalized died yesterday.

The Tennessee Titans cheerleader was seriously injured in a crash in Nashville over the weekend.

Patrick 24 years of age suffered life-threatening injuries after a two-vehicle crash on the eastbound side of Interstate 40 at Exit 210C on Saturday, October 3.

Patrick Holz was one of the talented players of Morehead State University Cheer Club. Patrick’s friend, Courtney Blair Gregory in a lengthy post said more about him. Read Below…

I lost my dear friend Patrick Holz yesterday. It was one of the greatest and most difficult honours of my life to be asked to tell him goodbye via Zoom and to be there as he took his last breath. It was tragic and beautiful, and I’m still trying to process it all.

I want everyone to know that when I spoke to him, I tried to speak personally, but also on behalf of every coach and athlete who has ever worked with him. I talked to him a lot about his legacy. And how so many people referred to him as “son” or “brother” because that’s how infectious and easy it was for that precious man to take over your heart.

He made everyone feel at home, and now, he is at home with our precious Lord Jesus. I told him how very much he is loved and will be missed and praised his determination, heart, and zest for life. I hope I did justice in telling him how all of you are feeling as well.

Below is my tribute to my dear boy…..

Shattered. Broken. Lost.

Patrick, when you came to me wanting to cheer like a little freshman, I wasn’t so sure about you. You were reckless and wild and fiercely stubborn, lol. But there was something about you that said, “give this kid a chance.” I am forever grateful that you chose us. I watched you develop not only as a cheerleader but more importantly as a young man throughout high school.

I witnessed how cheerleading gave you a purpose and a plan. It changed you…allowed you to see all the options life had to offer. You set goals, and you reached them. If you failed, you got back up and tried again. Time after time, I watched you move mountains to make your dreams come true.

It was the true joy of my life to coach you. But you were so much more than just an athlete to me. You were my son and my friend. When you went to Morehead, I was bursting with pride for you. That place and those people were so very dear to you.

I loved getting your phone calls and videos telling me how happy you were there. Then, you went on to cheer for the Tennessee Titans. I’m so thankful I was able to watch you live out your dream from start to finish. I cannot put the impact of your loss into words.

I’ll miss hearing you call me “mama G.” I’ll miss you showing up at my house right at dinner time, cause you knew you’d get a good meal. I’ll miss you popping in to practice or calling just to check in on my family, even though you had a million other better things to do. I’ll miss everything about your precious spirit dear Patrick.

Your legacy will be the hundreds of young men who you influenced to try the sport of cheerleading. You worked with them, inspired them, and made them feel important. You were a phenomenal coach and mentor to so many. As for the girls, No one was more trusted by a top girl than you. You never dropped your girls, even if it meant breaking your own sternum to catch one coming down. I have dozens of pictures of you stunting with my own baby girl because I trusted you with her life.

Rest easy, son. You packed a lot of life into 24 years. There are a lot of us down here broken by your loss, but your memory will live eternally. We love you!

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