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Leopard seal that tears off the penguins’ neck and attacks A shocking hunting moment captured in Antarctica



Leopard seals, which live around Antarctica, are known to be huge and extremely ferocious, with an adult length of 3 meters and a weight of 300-400 kilograms. Nature photographer Yuri Choufour captured the leopard seal hunting, and “The Sun” and “” have been reported and talked about.

Yuri Shofo, who lives on Vancouver Island, Canada, is a professional photographer who shoots wildlife and vast nature. Yuri participated in the Antarctic cruise “Albatross Expedition” and caught a giant leopard seal attacking a Gentoo penguin weighing less than 6 kg.

The time of the tour was not disclosed, but Yuri released the camera shutter about 18 meters away from the hunting site, and the hunting lasted about 15 minutes.

“In Antarctica, the only natural enemy of leopard seals is the killer whale. So to speak, it’s the same as having few natural enemies. Leopard seals are known not only to eat fish and krill, but also to attack penguins and fur seals with their sharp teeth. I was really lucky because I rarely see the hunting ground in front of me, “says Yuri. It is said that there is a reason why the hunting of giant leopard seals continued for 15 minutes.

“Actually, that leopard seal was playing for a while without killing the injured penguins right away. He dropped the weakened penguins into the sea many times and chased them.”

“It was just a moment to stab the end. I swung the penguins’ neck and tore it off, and I devoured it all at once. The penguins’ neck was floating on the surface of the sea.”

A screenshot of The Sun’s “RAW NATURE Penguin brutally beheaded in a bloody attack by a leopard seal in incredible nature pictures”

Yuri firmly captured the moment of the impact in the camera,

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