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Protest In Clover SA Spanner Rd, Clayville Industrial, Olifantsfontein turns bloody after a car was set ablaze by angry mobs (Video)



Protest turns violent after a vehicles was set on ablaze on Clover SA Spanner Rd,

The incident took place in Clayville Industrial, Olifantsfontein.

From the video uploaded on the social media the car was burning and some shots where heard from the background.

It have not been confirmed what led to the riot or who set the car on fire.

Meanhile, Union member was killed today as police fire on striking workers of South Africa’s largest dairy company.

Mr Khilson Manaka, a member of the General Industrial Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA), was killed while fleeing police bullets.

He was an employee of Clover Diaries where workers are on strike demanding a 16% hike.

According to reports, On October 13, Tuesday, a member of the General Industrial Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) was killed after the police fired rubber bullets on striking workers of South Africa’s largest dairy company, Clover Industries. Khilson Manaka was hit by a car as he ran for safety from the bullets and died of skull injuries. Two other workers who were with him have been arrested.

As many as 2,000 of the total 6,000 workers employed by Clover Industries across South Africa have downed tools since Tuesday. They are demanding a pay rise of 16% and an end to outsourcing through labor brokers.

According to GIWUSA deputy general secretary Charles Phahla, the workers were not even protesting when the police opened fire on Tuesday, but were returning home from a demonstration at the company’s depot in Clayville. “Throughout the day, the police kept a watch on our demonstration at the plant in Clayville, consuming food and drinks Clover was offering them. But there was no disturbance in the day,” Phahla told Peoples Dispatch. Demonstrations outside Clover’s plants in Bloemfontein, Clayville, Milnerton, Parow, Polokwane and Queensberg were also peaceful.

The workers were intercepted at a crossing on their way back, where the police “started shooting everyone wearing our union’s red T-shirt,” Phahla said. Regarding the workers who have been arrested, he added, “We don’t know what charges are being pressed against them. Our lawyers are trying to secure their release.” The arrested workers are expected to be produced in court on October 15.

In the meantime, the strike action and the accompanying demonstrations at different plants “will continue until the management heeds our demands,” Phahla said. “We are also calling on the public to support us by boycotting all Clover products,” he added.

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