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Mischief is not enough! bleach? UK boy with autism who was given a toxic drink by a friend is now in coma (Pictured)



A 12-year-old boy with autism recently fell into a coma in Crowley, West Sussex, England, after eating a poisonous drink due to a friend’s joke. Friends say they left the fallen boy on the spot and went somewhere, and the boy’s mother warned of the danger of unnecessary fun. Reported by “” and “SussexLive”.

On the night of October 9, Ronnie Phillips (12) և his younger brother Jim Im (11), who suffers from autism, crawled home after their mother, Daniel Porter, fell asleep. He ran away

The two who came out seemed to be communicating with their older friends. One of my friends drank a box for Ronnie, saying: “This is alcohol.” However, this canned drink contained some kind of toxic liquid instead of alcohol, and Ronnie, who ate it unconsciously, collapsed on the spot.

Daniel said. “When Ronnie collapsed on the second road, he left Ronnie և his brother’s my’s to escape, wandering outside until the next morning the police found him.” However, the police have not confirmed it yet.

Jim told my mother, who thought Ronnie was dead, that she was crying next to her brother and asking for help. “I seem to have been traumatized by this incident,” Daniel said.

The two were found by a woman passing by accident, and Ronnie was rushed to the pediatric intensive care unit at St George’s Hospital in London. The woman is said to have been with them until the ambulance arrived.

Ronnie was in a coma for a while due to medicine, but it is said that the life support system has been removed, it is going to recover, and it is planned that it will be discharged soon.

Daniel told the Internet: publishers that he would like to warn people about the dangers of this kid’s fun.

“I just want people to be aware of the dangers of drinking, pulling, playing stupid games, or running away, leaving a dying child.”

“Despite what the children are doing, this is just stupid and dangerous.”

In response, Ronnie’s grandmother, Tracey Wilmore, created a crowdfunding site for Ronnie, GoFundMe, and posted photos of Ronnie in the hospital.

Tracy reveals how Ronnie woke up to the goal of the և Foundation.

“Ron woke up, but I do not understand why no one likes him or why people who thought he was a friend do it.”

“I want to show him (though this fund) that people are not all disgusting, some are worried about Ronnie.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but Daniel suspects it may be bleaching. Police are still investigating the case, and no detailed comments have been released yet.

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