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“I want to buy new boots” – A mother from Russia, who tried to sell her one-week-old daughter for $3,794 revealed



Recently in Russia, a mother who tried to sell her newborn child in the black market was arrested. The mother said she wanted to buy new boots with the money she sold. “The Sun” and “Mirror” are reported.

Luiza Gadzhieva (25), a mother of four children living in the Republic of Dagestan, one of the Russian Federation, was arrested on the 9th of this month in Moscow to sell her only one-week-old daughter. The person she tried to trade with was a police officer disguised as a buyer in a sting operation.

Louisa was trying to sell her child to the black market via the internet. It was the Russian non-profit organization “Alternative” that aimed to free trafficking and prisoners of war and enslaved people. The group apparently contacted Luisa and persuaded him before the police were involved.

But Luisa had no ears to hear. The group revealed the time when it was persuaded as follows.

“We tried to persuade Luisa from all directions, explaining that’the children sold are in danger and bad,’and warned that they would fall into the wrong hands. But she showed no interest in what happened to her child. ”

“The most disappointing thing was that she told her sister in a text message,’I want to buy new boots with the money I sold my child.'”

Since then, Luisa has been interacting with some buyers, so The group involved the police. Police contacted Luisa in the guise of a buyer and decided to trade at a cafe in Moscow. The police then handed over 300,000 rubles (about 404,000 yen) presented by Luisa, and arrested Luisa on the spot when she received the receipt.

Luisa was charged with full accusation of her crimes against the police interrogation. The daughter, who was on the verge of being sold, is being protected and is being investigated.

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