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A Romanian man discorvers a mummified cat on the wall of his grandmother’s house buried as a talisman about 100 years ago (Pictured)



A Romanian man was cleaning his dead grandmother’s house with his brother and found an unexpectedly mummified cat. It was customary to place a cat mummy in the house about 100 years ago, it is believed to be from that time. This was reported by the “Daily Star” and the “New York Post”.

This is the building where the mummified cat was found in Roman.jpg

Valentin Hirsch, 40, a tattoo artist in Bistrica, Transylvania, northern Romania, was cleaning his late grandmother’s house with his brother Adrian. Then they found something strange.

Then Valentin said. “While cleaning the basement, I noticed that part of the wall was missing, so I decided to break it down to see what was behind it.” He seemed curious, trying to see behind the wall. Valentine continues to say.

“At first I thought it might be a hidden room, but as I broke down the wall I realized there was something like a small animal’s head. I thought it was a tiger statue, but it was illuminated by light. “When I tried it, I was not sure what kind of animal it was.”
“I thought it was a statue until I actually touched it, but when I took it off the wall, it was so light that it was something else. I guessed. ”

After that, Valentin, who finally understood that the cat was mummified, said: “How was the cat put in this place, who installed it, who is the owner of the house, etc.”

Valentine’s grandmother’s house was built in 1921. Valentin looked at the cadastre to find out about the owners of the past, but said he could not get any useful information. “The next time I go to my grandmother’s house, I want to take a closer look at the basement,” said Valentin.

The mummified cat will be auctioned off and is expected to cost between դրա 800 and 00 1,200.

Jimim Spencer, director of the Hanson Library Auction, said the mummified cats were “usually found in buildings in the British Isles, Scandinavia and North America.” Placing the corpse in the wall of a new house was accepted as a sign of fortune. Cats are believed to have special abilities such as inspiration,, witches come home. It was placed at the place where he entered. In this case, it looks like a basement room.

Collapsed wall building where the mummified cat was found in Roman.jpg

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