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Who is Reagan Hancock, The 27-year-old woman pretending to be pregnant held a gender show party cut the belly of a pregnant woman and take out her baby



A 27-year-old woman from Texas attacked a pregnant woman who is due to give birth next month and took out her baby from her belly.

She was arrested on the 9th of this month in Oklahoma, about 80 kilometres away. Not only pregnant women but also babies were killed in the incident, and the residents of the small town where the murder took place were uniformly shocked. “News On 6” etc. reported.

Reagan Hancock (21), a pregnant woman living in New Boston, Bowie County, Texas, died on the 9th of this month when she was hungry at home. Reagan was due to give birth on November 10, and the baby in her belly had been removed. Reagan was discovered by his mother, Jessica, who reported to the police at around 10:20 am but was already dead.

Reagan has a three-year-old daughter with her husband Homer, and in August of this year on Facebook, “I have another pretty girl. Braxlynn Sage was born. I can’t wait, “he said, showing off his second child’s name. According to Jessica, Reagan, who was in her 35th week of pregnancy, was very hungry and said, “It’s only a matter of time before I’m born.”

Patrol members performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the baby. Still, the baby did not come back to life and was taken by ambulance with Taylor to the Macartin Memorial Hospital in Idabel, Macartine County, Oklahoma.

The baby was later confirmed dead in the hospital, and Taylor was arrested around 1 pm when Reagan’s murder was discovered. Taylor admitted that he had cut his stomach and took out the baby, saying, “I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant in February this year. I also held a party to show off the sex of the baby to be born. I don’t know much about that, “he said. “Taylor isn’t pregnant and hasn’t given birth,” a doctor at the McCartin Memorial Hospital said, and it’s possible that Taylor had killed Reagan to hide his pregnancy lies. By the way, Reagan’s family revealed that “Taylor was one of his friends.”

Reagan just got married last year and his friends set up a donation site for the family. Many messages such as “Reagan, who lived in a small community, is the same as his family. Let’s cooperate to support the family” and “I will support you” are posted on the site, and donations exceeding the target amount are collected in a few days.

Reagan, a pregnant woman who died (The image is a screenshot of “Reagan Hancock Instagram” yall are all i need. “Dated September 25, 2020)

Police have arrested 6- and 10-year-old mother Taylor Parker (27) in Sims, Bowie County, Texas, and charged them with two first-class murder and kidnapping charges. did.

According to, Taylor was stopped for speeding by a highway patrol while driving in Texas around 10 am on the 9th. But Taylor complained, “I gave birth by the side of the road, but my baby isn’t breathing.”

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