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Superstar footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for the coronavirus



Portugal national team FW Cristiano Ronaldo has been revealed to have tested positive for the new coronavirus. According to a representative of the Portuguese national team, Cristiano is now in quarantine and has no noticeable symptoms.

Cristiano Ronaldo (35), a superstar in the soccer world and a member of the prestigious Italian club “Juventus FC” . On the 7th of this month, he played in a friendly match against Spain as the Portuguese national team, and on the 11th, he played against France in the Nations League sponsored by the European Football Federation (UEFA), showing his energetic appearance.

The Portuguese Football Federation announced on the 13th local time that Cristiano was positive in the new coronavirus test. He had participated in team training to represent Portugal in International Match Week, but now he has withdrawn from training and entered a quarantine life. At this point, no noticeable symptoms are seen.

In addition, following the positive result of Cristiano, other national team players were also retested on the morning of the 13th, and the Portuguese Football Federation has revealed that “all were negative”.

Cristiano will not play the scheduled “Juventus FC” match for the time being, including the scheduled match against Nations League Sweden on the 14th local time.

The day before the positive news was reported, Cristiano uploaded a video on his Instagram page where he was having a meal with his Portuguese teammates on his SNS.

Along with pictograms such as the national flag of his home country, he wrote a comment saying, “We are united both on and off the field,” and since it was just the beginning of morale, the departure of the star player from the national team was for the team and for the fans. It was a very disappointing news.

Giorgio Chiellini, who belongs to “Juventus FC”, was asked about Cristiano’s physical condition at the press conference.

“He’s fine. He’s sunbathing calmly.”

Cristiano, who later shows a sup-up pose with a smile from the balcony, has also been caught.

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