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Othuol Othuol Biography & Death – Few Things You Need To Know



Othuol Othuol who was a Kenyan comedian died yesterday after a long battle with brain Tumor. He died at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, where he had been receiving treatment for the past two weeks.

He was known for his performance in the popular comedy show, Churchill Show. Othuol Othuol Age Othuol’s age is unclear.

Othuol Othuol Real Name Othuol’s real name was Ben Maurice Onyango,  died on Sunday, 11 October 2020, at the Kenyatta National Hospital where he has been receiving treatment for the past few days.

In June, Othuol fainted at home and was rushed to a hospital in Kittengela, where he was taken to the KNH for treatment and discharged.

He was admitted about two weeks ago, but it was not clear what he was suffering from. Some reports said he had a brain tumor.

In addition to his comedy, Otto starred in Aunty Boss, a popular NTV show, and a number of Luo comedies.

Early life

Othuol Othuol was raised in the Siaya region. He was brought up only by his father. Growing up, he lived believing that his mother had died when he was still young, but later learned of his mother’s death three years after graduating from O-levels. This was back in 2002.


Otwell was a comedian and an actor. She played Aloe, a security guard at Aunt Boss Taifa Estate. He was the comedian of the Churchill show.

Health  & condition

The late Otwell Otwell was fighting against alcohol. He said he reached a point where he sold his TV and gas stove to buy alcohol. He said that alcoholism made him lose his friends, his job, his respect. Othuol Othuol has been diagnosed with deadly tuberculosis disease. He was on medication, but he always felt weaker. On the occasion, he thanked comedian Churchill Ndambuki for paying all his hospital bills. Otwell was suffering from a brain tumour he had been battling for so long. Today he went to be with the Lord.


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