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How is Soumitra chatterjee doing in Hospital now – Few Things You Need To Know



Legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee will undergo invasive ventilation.

His condition is reported to be critical, Soumitra is fighting other complications of COVID19 as we speak.

According to hospital sources, the 85-year-old actor, who is widely known, is not feeling well and is drowsy and confused. Earlier, Chatterjee was given plasma rehabilitation therapy twice. His neurological condition has not changed in the last two days.

“If this continues, it is possible that he will receive invasive ventilation assistance,” the sources said, adding that Chatterjee has high fever since Sunday afternoon. The actor also underwent MRI, but the report did not find any structural defects.

A team of 15 doctors monitors his health in the hospital.

On October 5, Chatterjee tested positive for coronavirus. He was admitted to the hospital the next morning.

Earlier, the actor was taken to the intensive care unit late Friday evening, as he had reached a stage of acute confusion. He had several syndromes. Sources say that in addition to the fever, he also had a chest infection.

He starred in the documentary Abhijan, directed by actor Parambrata Chatopadha. The last time he was present at the Bharatlaxmi studio was on the shooting floor on October 1. The next shooting schedule was decided on October 7.

It became known that the actor has problems with COPD, and last year he also suffered from pneumonia. At that time, he also had to be hospitalized for a few days.

“We all pray for his speedy recovery. “The Bengali film industry is completely waiting for his homeland,” said actor Prosenjit Chatopadhai.

Earlier, many actors, directors and producers, such as Ranjit Malik, his daughter, actress Coel Malik, his wife, Dipa Malik, producer Nispal Singh, and director Raj Chakraborty, praised Covid-19. But they are all healed now.

Get well soon Feluda. You are the one who taught Bengali to the mystery. Your words “Fight no fight” still inspire the whole Bengali. Will you give up so easily today? Today everyone is calling you “Fight Khidda Fight”. Get well soon and come back again.

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