Judge Raymond Zondo has issued a summons for former president Jacob Zuma to appear before commission from 16 to 20 November

He ordered the former President Jacob Zuma to be summoned to appear before a commission of inquiry into the state seizure allegations.

This comes after Zondo said last month that he would “not negotiate” dates with the Zuma to appear before the commission the next day. Zondo also set new dates for November 16-20. In response, Zuma accused the judge of bias against him and said that he intended to demand the judge’s recusal.

The commission said in a statement on Thursday evening that it would hear a request from the commission’s legal team today for “authorization to send a call to the secretary of the commission for sizing.”

Zuma was first introduced to the commission in July last year. He later missed out on previous dates to return.

In January, Zondo said the state recruitment commission would make conclusions and recommendations, regardless of who Zuma appeared before it, to state its side. However, Zondo said it would be “preferable” to hear the Zuma’s testimony, as he was the head of state when the capture of the state allegedly took place.

On Friday, the commission will hear evidence from Mazitsi Mojolo, former acting chief executive of the Department of Public Enterprises, and Zola Ots, former chairman of the Escom board.