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Woman Films worst head lice infestation she has ever seen, client’s head infested with over 15,000 head lice (Video)



Head lice are always associated with the image of filth and unsanitary conditions, but children who act in groups are unknowingly infected and can be bullied or discriminated against as “dirty.” At the end of last month, a woman who opened a specialized clinic in Texas, USA, posted an extermination video called “the worst-case ever” on SNS to get rid of such head lice, and it is attracting attention. “The Sun” and others reported.

Miranda Davis, who lives in Texas, runs The Lice Angels Clinic, a clinic specializing in lice removal. At first, he went to the patient’s house to get rid of it, but now he has two stores in the state. Of course, it also supports lice removal at home.

Mr Miranda posted an extermination video called “The worst head lice I have ever experienced” on SNS and is drawing attention. The video is about 3 minutes long, but with the words “more than 15,000 lice are parasitic”, countless lice were wriggling in the girl’s long black hair.

Miranda attaches a special serum to the hair of a girl sitting on a chair to moisturize it, and carefully inserts a comb for extermination from her forehead, but the number of lice that can be removed at one time is incomplete. In addition, a fairly large louse is actively moving around the girl’s forehead, which makes me chill just by looking at it.

Miranda commented, “The removal is completed in about an hour.”

People who watched this video said, “Is it possible to get rid of it in an hour?” “If it increases to this point, I want to make it a buzz cut.” “It makes me itch just by looking at it.” There was a flood of surprises and criticisms such as “Should I hold my parents accountable?”

According to the clinic’s homepage, head lice become adults in an egg period of 7 to 10 days and a larval period of about 10 days. The survival period is 40 to 50 days, but the number of eggs laid by adults in a lifetime is as high as 50 to 150, and it is said that the number will increase steadily unless they are exterminated.

Miranda said, “Since many infected people have children, we use all organic products to get rid of them. The children who come here are being bullied by lice or being teased and mentally involved. But it doesn’t happen because lice are filthy, and I want everyone to know that it can happen, “he continued.

“My goal is for the kids to regain their confidence after getting rid of the lice. I wouldn’t be so happy if they smiled and said,’It’s clean!'”

By the way, if head lice occur, it is important to remove them as soon as possible, vacuum them, and keep bed sheets and pillows clean. “Because lice are sensitive to heat, it is effective to just wash the comb with boiling water and put the pillow in the dryer for 45 minutes,” Miranda said.

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