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Suddenly about 29 tons of carrots was brought to the London University premises by truck by unknown persons (Video)



A large amount of 29 tons of carrots was brought to the University of London by truck, and photos of piles on the premises have become a hot topic on SNS. The University of London later announced that it was brought in for a work of art that complained of food loss, but many seem to be surprised at this way of raising awareness of social issues. “Sky News” and “The Independent” reported.

A large number of carrots were trucked on the 29th of last month at Goldsmiths College, University of London, in New Cross, London, England. Students who didn’t know anything about 29 tons of carrots piled up near the Ben Pimlot Building were surprised to climb a pile of carrots, took pictures, posted them on SNS, and became a hot topic. ..

It was later revealed that this large amount of carrots was brought in as a food loss-themed art piece. The official Twitter account of Goldsmiths College, University of London, responded to users asking why they had a large amount of carrots. After the exhibition is over, everything will be donated to feed the animals on the farm. ”

Rafael Perez Evans from Spain, who set up this art, said, “All the carrots brought in cannot be sold for minor reasons, such as being scratched in a supermarket. This carrot is of animal origin. It’s a food, “he said.

Rafael posted on his website As an explanation of the work, it is written as “difference in viewpoint between urban and rural areas”. In supermarkets in the city center, the appearance is important, and a large amount of food may be discarded by the vendor because it can be eaten but does not meet the sales standards. It focuses on the difference in values ​​that farmers can easily dispose of what they have cultivated with time and effort.

Rafael’s work became a hot topic on Twitter, and while there were many tweets that joked, “Are you also a unique student like a rabbit?”, There are also voices of doubt. “I understand that this carrot is donated to the farm, not discarded,” said Lester Langford, 20, who studies history at the university, but in the Louis Sham district, where the college is located, poverty and There are problems such as food shortages and homelessness, and there are still doubts about how they are used in this way. ”

Like Lester, some of the students protesting this work sold handmade carrot cakes using some of the pile of carrots and donated them to a food bank. The student is angry at Rafael’s work, saying, “I think it’s a very insensitive act. I can’t believe it.”

Another student said, “It was a fun and mysterious work of art. At the same time, it was a work that reminded me of an important issue of food loss. I think it is an interesting way to raise awareness of social issues.” ing.

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