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King of Reads A NOLA legend Playboy Peanut Has Passed Away



King of Reads A NOLA legend Playboy Peanut has passed away. The young man was reported to have died today 7th October 2020. Circumstances surrounding his death is still not yet known to the public.

Sources confirmed that Playboypeanut was found dead in the early hours of today by his son. He was a man of character and entertainment.

An IG user who confirmed that Playboy Peanut has passed on wrote – Not quite sure what happened or what’s going on but I have to say that I didn’t know you personally but I checked for you daily and nightly just to laugh at what you posted, especially advise hour shit just hit different when you real and being yourself and it seems as tho the one who’s making the people laugh the most be the most neglected and forgotten but I’ll always come to your page for my daily laughter even if I saw it a million times just the thought of something then happen got my stomach in knots and another thing whether people know it or not whether you a big deal or barely popping on any platform you create a fan base that cares and feels pain when things go wrong for you.

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