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ANCYL Crisis Committee demands the arrest of the violent farmers set fire to a police vehicle in front of the Free Senekal Magistrate’s Court



The ANCYL Crisis Committee demands the arrest of the violent farmers who attacked and set fire to a police car in front of the Free Senekal Magistrate’s Court.

Farmers came out in large numbers to protest in the Free State Senekal Magistrates’ Court, where two suspects, Sekvetje Mahlamba and Sekola Matlaletsa, appeared in the case of the murder of 21-year-old Brandin Horner.

Protesting farmers set fire to a police van during clashes with police, and a video shows a group of them trying to overthrow police Nyala.

The protest was widely condemned. Police Minister Bheke Chelen “shock and disgust” at the violent protests over the head EFF- Jul ulius Maleman criticized the police response to the incident.

ANCYL Crisis Committee spokeswoman Asanda Luwakan, a youth body opposed to the league’s task force led by the “big ones” after the Collen Maine-led youth league was disbanded in July last year after Collen Maine led the youth league. : the behavior of the protesters, who tried to “undermine the authority of the state” in an attempt to unleash the justice of the crowd against the two suspects.

“This is a deliberate move by criminals who sympathize with apartheid, its clear endorsement of the supremacy of a certain race as the ideology that organizes public life.

“Attempts to escalate racial tensions, to provoke a civil war, must be condemned with their deserved contempt, and all elements actively involved must be arrested.”

“While we condemn all forms of violence and murder equally, we warn those who have the impression that they are above the law, that they intend to commit racially motivated violence, and that they should refrain from divisive, mentally retarded behavior. Instead, they should make progressive talk. “For reasons of acceptable mental height,” Luvakan said.

Luvakan said they condemned the killings of farms and all the killings in the country.

At the same time, on Tuesday, AfriForum described the attacks and killings on the farm as a form of terrorism.

“The burn that people are expressing here today is simply the severity of the problem that is compounded by the government’s inadequate response to agricultural killings.”

On Tuesday, Malema reacted strongly to the police response to the violence in court.

Wh ’Whites do not play; they are dealing with this clown government of their puppet @CyrilRamaphosa. No rubber bullets. Can you imagine if it were black people? “Malema said on Twitter.

Chele also questioned the protesters’ motives for “turning their anger on the police.”

“Police reports show that after a brief appearance in court, about a hundred protesters, including armed farmers, stormed the courthouse demanding the extradition of the suspects,” the police ministry said.

“This violent act led to the vandalism of the court property, the police car also turned over and caught fire. “The police had to use tear gas to disperse the violent group.”

Cheli said. “While we all condemn the brutal murder of this young man in Paul Rook, absolutely no one has the right to take the law into their own hands, no matter what the situation. This kind of illegality can not be justified and not lightly perceived.

“There is no logic when these protesters set fire to a police van, which is the same resource that is aimed at helping them.

“I wonder why this community is so angry with the police when the arrests are made, ‘the suspects are in court.’

Cele’s wishes reminded all South Africans that while the right to protest peacefully is a part of any democratic society, it “does not come at all, it comes with responsibilities.”

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola was the last to condemn the violent protest on Wednesday.

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