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Watch the moment Size 8 and husband, DJ Mo latest drama was dragged into city hotel



Kenya – The marriage drama of the famous Gospel star DJ Mo and Size 8 continues and is becoming juicier and juicier.

Days after the father threw his two children out of their wedding home, the two noticed that they were angry with each other during the day in one of the local city hotels in broad daylight.

On the weekends, during a casual outing, two of them had occasional discussions before it turned into a heated argument, which saw the singer was about to walk out on her husband.

The offended 8-year-old was reborn, quickly stood up, the hair on his back grabbed a bottle of drink, but when she wanted to leave the conversation with her husband, she quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

«… Kenye unaniambia ata, sikai chini! Wachana na mimi! »: The size 8 shout was heard.

In the process, the gospel disc jockey quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back, and the rest was no story.

No matter how much the couple passed by the scene, they were obviously irritated by size 8, which could not stand the presence of her husband or what they were talking about.



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Sips tea 🍵 …@size8reborn 8 shouts at @djmokenya following an altercation at city hotel

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The short video, shot by a local publication, however, could not go into great detail or explain at length what was going on, but it certainly was not a fun scene to watch.

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