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Sitting on the roof of a high-speed train, he smiles: Tom Cruise makes a reckless gestures while filming the scene of Mission Impossible 7



Tom Cruise is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood who prefers to shoot scenes of his own actions.

The 58-year-old actor refuses to have a stuntman, he does not care whether the sequence is risky, fast-paced or difficult. It was shown this weekend in Norway during the filming of “Mission Impossible Seven”, where he was seen on a moving train smiling and calm.

TikTok user Tomas Haugland Spangelo shared a video showing Tom Cruise sitting on the roof of a locomotive. The images were taken from a car on a secondary road attached to the railway tracks. When the young people inside the car realize that he is a famous actor, they start shouting and screaming with joy.

If the picture itself already seemed surreal, at one point in the video the protagonist looks at the car’s drivers, smiling at them with a calm calm, giving a friendly wave.

“He’s sitting there,” Spangelo wrote in capital letters next to TikTok.

Throughout the filming day, the train passed other witnesses. The user @ fotokjerring76 also posted some pictures on Instagram, in which the actor is seen standing on one of the carriages, ready to start shooting.

“Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time,” he wrote in the caption.

This is not the first time Tom Cruise has endangered himself in a scene of big stakes. At the end of August, after the cessation of production in Hollywood due to the COVID-19 epidemic, he resumed filming the seventh part of the impossible mission, and immediately after starting the recordings, he shocked his fans by performing a dangerous trick. for one of the withdrawals.

On that occasion, the translator, on a motorcycle, ran over a pedestrian bridge built on the edge of the mountain. After finishing the ramp, he did not stop. He continued forward, emptying his motorcycle while the parachute opened.

The images were also taken in Norway, on the edge of Mount Helsetkopen in the municipality of Stranda, using a helicopter and a drone camera.

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