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See the moment Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic hit a linesman with a ball again: why this time he was not sanctioned


The Serbian tennis player had an accident that brought back the memory of his recent disqualification from the US Open.

Serbia’s Novak Okovic took part in an operation on Monday that brought to mind his recent disqualification from the US Open. In his fourth-round match against Russian Karen Khachanov (16th) at Roland Garros, the Serb again hit the crossbar with a ball, although this time he was not penalized.

The game in question took place during the first set when Nole climbed to the scoreboard 4-3, and his opponent was serving. The Russian delivered so strongly that the blow hit the number one return attempt in the world. The ball went past Dj okovich’s racket, hit the side: hit the man in the face with a line by line.

The Serb immediately approached the assistant to ask how he was doing. Assuring that he was in critical condition, he settled on the courtside to continue the game.

In this case, Djokovic did not receive any punishment, as the action took place in the middle of the involuntary point. The situation was different in the fourth round of the US Open against Pablo Carenjo Busta of Spain. That day, angry because his service was broken, Nole hit the ball back and hit the assistant’s throat against the wall.

“Players may not forcibly or dangerously hit a ball, strike in anger, hit a tennis ball or throw it at the venue of the tournament, except for reasonable unit exercise (including warm-up) during the game,” the code states. behaviour that tennis players must comply with. In addition, this article clarifies that “misuse of the ball is defined as intentionally or unintentionally hitting the ball off the field, hitting the ball dangerously or violently, or hitting the ball carelessly without considering the consequences.” That’s why Monday Okovich was not punished for this episode, which took place this Monday at Roland Garros.

Finally, Dj Okovic won 6-4, 6-3 և 6-3 և to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament. In addition, he achieved a record 35 victories during the year. So far, the Serb has won every game he could have won. His only downfall of the season was the disqualification from the US Open. Nole has vowed to continue his winning streak in search of his second consecration at Roland Garros (which he has already won in 2016) in the 18th Grand Slam.

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