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LeBron James’s fury after falling in the third game of the final against Heat. He left the court with 10 seconds left



Although he was the best of his team, the striker could not give him the third victory, and Miami’s privilege reduced the difference to 1-2.

One night when striker My Immy Butler established his best mark in the playoffs as a professional with 40 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds և a triple-double in the third game of the NBA Finals, LeBron James Ames was the protagonist again.

The former Cleveland Cavaliers player was indignant with the development of the game, he did not hide his disappointment. Before the time of the charter officially ends in the absence of 10 seconds, he decided to leave the field and go to the locker rooms.

The surprise victory of the Germans was the first in a series contested by the top seven, and now it’s 2. Gains a 1 point advantage for the Lakers. The fourth game will be played on Tuesday with the same scenario of the Orlando balloon.

The final seconds of living in the AdventHealth Arena showed the anxiety of the Los Angeles team, which failed to gain an advantage at the end of one of the four halves.

Butler’s inspiration, which reached the third 40-point triple in the history of the final, condemned the highly acclaimed Lakers, which, unlike the previous two games, did not show their two stars, central Anthony Dice and striker LeBron James Ames. their greatest intensity.

At a news conference after the defeat, the 35-year-old basketball player admitted that “they are really good on the offensive line”, and when asked if he left the pitch out of frustration or thought the game was over, he limited himself to saying that ” both. ”

“I do not think we are worried. We are not. We know we can play much better. “We have another chance to take control on Tuesday,” he said.

Along with Butler, newcomer Tyler Heron’s Canadian center-back Kelly Olnick, who returned from the reserve, scored 17 points each as the Heath’s top scorers. While goalkeeper Duncan Robinson և striker 12 scored 12 goals each.

This time, James Ames finished in the lead with a double-double of 25 points, 10 assists and eight assists, which was not enough to give his team a victory, but he set another individual record.

He now has 843 assists, 222 more than anyone else this season, and Denver’s Serbian center-back Nikola Jokic is in second place with 621. It will be the biggest interval between the first and second BAs of the NBA since 2004-05, when Steve Nash (1,031) was 363 more than Stephon Marbury (668).

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