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k2 16 elite volleyball player, Elise Kersch dies



K2 family mourns the sudden death of their beautiful Elise Kersch. She was a k2 16 elite volleyball player from Knoxville, TN

According to Penny Price Mclntosh who was mourning with Dylan Mcintosh over the Elise demise said:

“Said that Elise Kersch was one of the most magical souls ever grace their lives.

Words can’t even begin to express the loss we feel. Smart…like REALLY smart…like could graduate High School a year early kind of smart. And a pilot too!

Beautiful…like REALLY beautiful…like jaw-dropping beautiful.
Driven athlete…like REALLY driven…like wanted to train with me EVERY time she came over and I couldn’t train her hard enough kind of athlete.

The sweet golden girl that could light up a room so bright that everyone turned to see her…and she had no idea her powerful light shined on so many people.”

Elise’s cause of death was not made public.

Andrika Langham from LV Circle Archiever has also expressed her shock over Elise’s death, In a Facebook post, she shared.

“Heartbreaking news today for our K2 family and seeing all the pictures/videos of @elise.everywhere.

If there was a person who SPARKLED is was Elise Kersch and she knew how to make you feel like you were important. I want to remember her just like this…last year at F’Rom…she sparkled, danced…lit up the room with zero effort!!! Rest easy sweet girl…so many hurting girls, coaches and families right now!”

Elise was a Libero and Defensive Specialist who played for K2 Volleyball Club.

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