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Fire outbreak in a commercial building in East Los Angeles near Whittier blvd and Arizona ave (Video)



There is a cloud of heavy smoke and flames at a commercial fire in East Los Angeles near Whittier blvd and Arizona ave.

According to our reporters, Firefighters are already on scene of a 3rd Alarm 2 story strip mall with heavy fire in 5-6 units. All Firefighters are in a defensive mode.

The Roof is fully engulfed and pretty much gone now.

The building’s sign has collapsed into the fire… says “Casa Olympic Discount Center” but I also see “for sale” signs on the building so not sure what was inside.

Just a few months back, about 11 firefighters were injured in a fire and explosion in downtown Los Angeles.

The Engine 9 was the first truck to respond to a call on Saturday night about a fire in downtown Los Angeles.

Firefighters entered the one-story commercial building and climbed to the roof — a standard procedure to extinguish ablaze. But soon they heard a rumbling, high-pitched sound — as if jet engines were rearing up.

Within moments, the warehouse erupted and a 30-foot-wide fireball forced the responders to retreat. The explosion rocked the area and set multiple buildings ablaze. About 230 other firefighters ultimately reached the scene to extinguish the inferno, which took about two hours.

The debris from the building that exploded included the remnants of Engine 9: a charred firetruck, melted helmets and empty fire extinguishers that firefighters probably used to douse their burning comrades.

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