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Berkeley man was sentenced to life in prison for killing his girlfriend by dumping her body



How was Monica Sykes killed?

A man convicted of fatally shooting his girlfriend in the North in late October 2016 has been convicted.

Ray Ellis was sentenced to life in prison for the death of Monica Sikes.

The 27-year-old man was arrested on a $ 1 million bond on charges of second-degree murder, felony criminal mischief, and Monica’s disappearance.

Who is Ray Ellis

Ray Ellis was convicted in September of second-degree murder, armed crime and falsifying evidence.

Sikes disappeared from his home in Berkeley, where he was last seen sitting in a white van. His remains were found in one of the Kinloch fields five months later.

Court documents state that Ellis confessed to the witness that he shot Sykes in his car and dragged his body to the field.

Court documents say Alice asked how the car could be set on fire. On November 4, 2016, his car was found burned.

A glove with the DNA of Ellis’s brother Erma Ermine Benjamin was found near the burning car. Benjamin was accused of falsifying evidence that Alice helped set the car on fire.

Ellis, whose family says he had an affair with Monica, is believed to have been the last person to see her before she disappeared in October. His body was found in February and tested positive last week.

Monica was last seen by one of her nephews on the morning of October 28, 2016. The 25-year-old girl, who lived with her sister-nephews in Bersley, Missouri, reportedly came home that morning, changed her clothes, and left.


The young man told his family և the police that he saw him sitting in a white car with an unknown person. It is believed that the person was now Alice.

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