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Naughty puppies got into owner’s makeup bag and got dyed in deep pink



You might wonder if your bedroom was dyed red when you woke up in the morning. At the end of last month, a woman living in the Philippines saw the bright red room and thought, “I’m stained with blood!” “LADbible” and “Metro” are reported.

Christine Amurao, who lives in Cavite, Luzon, northern Philippines, woke up in the morning on the 28th of last month and noticed that the colour of her room was different than usual.

When I jumped up with surprise, “Eh! The floor is full of blood?”, It turned out to be a pinkish powder. The powder continued to the restroom, and while I was relieved, Christine was stunned to find the criminal who scattered the powder there.

There were three dogs in the restroom, “Toffee”, “Sparkle”, and “Sushi”. I found a package containing makeup powder, chewed it off, and the whole body was pink. It was dyed in colour.

Christine said, “I had a plastic bag with powdered lip tint and powder to make a scrub, but it seems that three of them were finding it and mischievous. All three were stunning pink. It was funny and I couldn’t stop laughing. I cleaned the room with my roommate, but it took me a whole day, “he recalls.

And “I washed three of them twice, but the pink colour didn’t come off. I think it will return to normal, but it’s a problem,” said Christine with a bitter smile. However, it was an organic powder that the three of them a mischief, so there is no impact on their health.

Even if you wash it twice, this street (The image is a screenshot of “Metro October 3, 2020” Naughty puppies that got into owner’s makeup bag turned totally pink

By the way, it is surprising that dogs are mischievous and dyed in ridiculous colours where the owner is not looking. In England in July this year, a dog rolling around on a picture is dyed in bright blue. Also this spring, in the United States, Samoyed, who has pure white hair, was playing with mud and turned black .

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