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Popular Chinese Vlogger Set On Fire By Her Ex-Husband During Live Stream



Lamu a popular social media influencer lost her life on Wednesday, 30th September 2020 after she was set on fire by her ex-husband while shooting a video live on Douyin (The Chinese version of TikTok). The 30-year-old Lamu popularly known by her stage name as Black Girl Rahm who was one of the popular users on the video-sharing site has about hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform.

According to Chinese local media, Lamu who suffered severe burns all over her body and life-threatening injuries was taken to hospital where she went into a coma for two weeks. The Vlogger was reported to have passed away on Wednesday after efforts to revive her back proved abortive.

The said Ex-husband has been arrested by the police and held on suspicion of murder.

According to the police, the Ex- lover (identified as Tag) broke into Lamu’s home on Monday, September 14 and attacked the woman with a hatchet, in front of her relatives. The man then poured gasoline over the woman and set her on fire.

On how the tragic incident happened, Lamu was said to have started a live stream while her followers watched all of a sudden her phone went black which followed screams from family been heard from the video.

Reports from sources say that Lamu had divorced Tang earlier this year but was threatened by her Ex-lover who said he will kill one of their children if she did not remarry him.

Lamu remarried him only for a short time but ended up running away from him because of his abusive behaviour.

Before the gruesome incident, Lamu had tried going through Chinese courts to officially divorce Tang, but the police had taken no action on the matter.

Her latest live stream video could have revealed her local which prompted her Ex to move in and commit his evil action.

Family Request Financial Help

Her account was locked for two days after the attack until her sister posted a message about the incident. She asked her followers for financial help to pay for the funeral, among other things. More than a million yuan (more than 125,000 euros) was raised in one day. The money that remains will be donated to charity.

The investigation into the brutal murder has not yet been completed. In case of conviction, the ex-husband may receive the death penalty.

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