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Ohio Trump Supporter Gets FBI Attention After Threatening War If Biden Wins November Election



The white, self-described “redneck” supporting Donald Trump says that a war is expected in November, regardless of who will win, but if Biden announces that he threatens to start it war

In a viral video that has spread like wildfire on social media, the bearded man, known as Zachary Poole, makes it clear that he thinks Trump 2020 will win election day … but predicts that Black Lives Matter or Antifa will try to start a war when it does. happens

Poole claims that he and his group are ready for it, but if everything does not go his way, and Trump loses, he warns. “We are coming … and we are strong.”

FBI sources told TMZ that the video was reported almost immediately to the Williamsburg Village Police Department in Ohio, as it relates to citizens who passed it on to the FBI.

It is also taken very seriously. We are told that Poole’s online post and social media is monitored by the police, although no formal investigation has been launched or charges have been filed.

Our sources say the Williamsburg police have also contacted the FBI about the video because they feel Poole’s words could be perceived as a threat against people of different races and religions … and the feds have more experience with hate crimes.

Below Is What Twitter Folks Thinks About Zache’s Threats


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