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Meet Jerald Dixon, The man who stole a truck in a convenience store “Seven-Eleven” in Orem claims he wanted to keep up a meeting with aliens



Some people make evasions that seem to be playful when they commit a traffic violation, but recently pay attention to the “reason for stealing” a man who was arrested for stealing a pickup truck from a convenience store parking lot in the United States. It’s gathering. “Daily Star” and “Metro” reported.

On September 26, Bryce Jerald Dixon was arrested for stealing a pickup truck from the parking lot of a convenience store “Seven-Eleven” in Orem, Utah.

At that time, it seems that the owner of the pickup truck was shopping in the Seven-Eleven store with the car locked, but Bryce got into the driver’s seat aiming for that opportunity and escaped from the place.

Soon after, however, Bryce reflected on what he had done and returned to the Seven-Eleven parking lot to return the pickup truck to its owner.

In the parking lot, the owner, who called the police, found Bryce returning the pickup truck and hit him in the face. Shortly thereafter, Bryce tried to escape but was tracked and arrested by police officers who rushed to the scene. Bryce was then taken to the hospital for being beaten and injured in his face.

Bryce told police officers why he stole the pickup truck, “I had to head straight to the Coliseum to meet an alien diplomat and board a spaceship with me.”


He claimed he didn’t want to be late for the meeting with the aliens. He also said that he was endlessly talking about how aliens need themselves.

By the way, it is not clear whether the “Coliseum” that Bryce was heading for was the Roman Coliseum or the stadium of a nearby university.

Bryce was detained in Utah County Jail on charges of stealing a pickup truck and three attempted escapes after deceiving police eyes and attempting to escape three times while treating an injury at the hospital.

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