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Japanese Singer, Ayumi Hamasaki announces her second child’s pregnancy



Japan – Singer Ayumi Hamasaki will hold an online live “ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A ~ Saigono Trouble FINAL” on October 2nd, which will be her 42nd birthday, and after the live, the second on the official fan club site. Announced that the child is pregnant. Congratulations have been raised on the internet, such as “Congratulations on your pregnancy,” “Wonderful,” and “May you have a healthy child!”, But it seems that many people feel uncomfortable.

She announced the birth of her first child in November 2019 on the official fan club site on January 2, 2020, saying, “I gave birth to an angel at the end of last year and became a mom .” Hamasaki was surprised because he stood on the stage of 23 performances as a national tour from May to August 2019 and held a countdown live on December 31 shortly after giving birth. In response to this, Hamasaki updated the Instagram the day after the birth was announced, and in addition to the reliable staff, “there were hospital teachers and midwives who supported us 24 hours a day. It is a stage that can be realized because of such an environment, and it is not proof that women can move immediately after giving birth. ”

And after the online live of his birthday on October 2, the second child said, “Now, the second angel is growing up hard in my stomach. I’m looking forward to becoming a big family !! Reported pregnancy. He has not been married since the birth of his first child, and according to some reports, the father of his second child is also a general man who is the same younger as his first child.

Congratulations messages such as “Congratulations”, “Take care of yourself” and “Bright hope” are flying around on the news.

On the other hand, some people feel uncomfortable. The feeling of strangeness is that Hamasaki has been married and divorced twice (once he is unmarried on the family register), but he has opened his dating partner and marriage partner, but he said, “I will not disclose the partner at all. The question is, “Why is it a mystery?” And the fact that he has been married but never married his child’s father, “I used to have been married repeatedly, but when I have a child, I am a single mother.” He pointed out, “What is it like not to enrol (even though I have two children) this time?”, And the announcement was made after the first child gave birth in secret, but this time it was announced during pregnancy. “If the performance schedule changes, I need to announce it, but I don’t have to bother to announce it …” “When I was the first child, I gave birth so that the world wouldn’t know, so I think I could do that again this time. There are also voices such as.

Some of these questions seem to be hinted at by Mika Noguchi’s Instagram post, which Hamasaki has a long-standing relationship with Ayumi Hamasaki and longs for as a “mama.” Known as the founder of “Peach John,” Noguchi said on Instagram on January 5, shortly after Hamasaki announced the birth of his first child, “I was really surprised at the news that Ayu was giving birth early in the new year. I cut it out. About 20 years ago, he had a very close relationship, but in recent years he hasn’t been in direct contact with him, but Mr Noguchi was surprised to say that he “naturally LINEd”. Then she said, “What she returned was a picture of a cute baby with big eyes and a pregnant selfie with a big belly (and laughing in her underwear),” she said. “Did you really give birth !! Seriously! I can’t believe it! I often hid it (I heard that I knew only a few relatives and a few staff members) “, and it seemed even more surprising to understand that it was a reality. And, “He said he intended to keep it secret for the rest of his life (it’s impossible), he wants to live quietly (no, the child is noisy), and when he gives birth, his feelings start to shake (I understand that). I think I couldn’t hide my motherhood, “Noguchi speculates. Hamasaki had the experience of “I intended to keep it secret for the rest of my life, but I announced it after all” with this first child, and it seems possible that the second child announced it during pregnancy rather than after childbirth.

To these questions, “Isn’t it okay to just congratulate you normally?” “Because it’s her life, I think she’s free to marry or not.” If you have a second child and you know that you have a partner and you have a partner, you will not feel any discomfort. “” If you have an environment where you can afford to raise a child, you can give it to me. There are also comments that care about children, such as “Isn’t it good?” And “I want my child to be able to explain his father properly” and “I can take a leave of absence, so I want him to face him for a while.” Only the person knows the answer to the question that caused the discomfort, but there is no doubt that Ayumi Hamasaki is still in the spotlight.

トラブルツアー3年目となる2020年の秋、もう二度と立てないと思っていた、あのたくさんたくさん考え抜いてやっと出来上がった『スケルトン可動式階段ステージ』に再び一座揃って立たせて頂く事が出来、思い残すことはありません!やれる事は全てやり切った!!! 通常のツアー初日を彷彿させるような、生身の人間達が集まって作り上げた、出来たてホヤホヤの芸術に演者、スタッフ全員が身を捧げた2時間半でした。 全国で出逢えた皆さま、そして画面越しにファイナルを見届けてくれた皆さま、本当に本当にありがとうございました!!!!! #サイゴノトラブルFINAL #色々とトラブル起きてましたね笑 #私はというと早くも #3曲目のサビの掛け合いで #いつものみんなの声を思い出して #カメラの向こうが見えた気がして #込み上げるものを堪えてたら #ジンさんの背中見てグッときて #からの一階におりたら #隣にいたおきゃんと目が合って #笑ってくれたからとどめにグッときた #その他もいろーんなこと #さてみんなはいくつの #貴重なトラブル見つけたかな #僕らは完璧なんかじゃないよ #だって人間なんだもの #完結🎊 Photo by @seitaro__tanaka


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トラブルツアー3年目となる2020年の秋、もう二度と立てないと思っていた、あのたくさんたくさん考え抜いてやっと出来上がった『スケルトン可動式階段ステージ』に再び一座揃って立たせて頂く事が出来、思い残すことはありません!やれる事は全てやり切った!!! 通常のツアー初日を彷彿させるような、生身の人間達が集まって作り上げた、出来たてホヤホヤの芸術に演者、スタッフ全員が身を捧げた2時間半でした。 全国で出逢えた皆さま、そして画面越しにファイナルを見届けてくれた皆さま、本当に本当にありがとうございました!!!!! #サイゴノトラブルFINAL #色々とトラブル起きてましたね笑 #私はというと早くも #3曲目のサビの掛け合いで #いつものみんなの声を思い出して #カメラの向こうが見えた気がして #込み上げるものを堪えてたら #ジンさんの背中見てグッときて #からの一階におりたら #隣にいたおきゃんと目が合って #笑ってくれたからとどめにグッときた #その他もいろーんなこと #さてみんなはいくつの #貴重なトラブル見つけたかな #僕らは完璧なんかじゃないよ #だって人間なんだもの #完結🎊 Photo by @seitaro__tanaka

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