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Clare Bronfman – The First NXIVM Heiress Sex-Slave Trafficker To Get Jail Time



Bronfman aged 41, was jailed for 30 months on federal charges of conspiracy to conceal illegal aliens for financial gain, fraudulent use of identification, although prosecutors sought him twice, demanding five years.

But Garafis eventually punished him even more severely, sending her to a slamming  81 months and ordering her to pay a $ 500,000 fine.

Upon receiving the news, the heir’s eyes widened, while at least one victim thanked the judge and folded her arms. Bronfman was then escorted out of the courtroom by three American marshals, including the six victims who had previously been described in court as a “dangerous megalomaniac” and a “predator.”

Claire Bronfman, Seagram’s heiress, sex slave trafficker, was finally convicted Wednesday of crimes against women and children. The New York Post reported.

Claire Bronfman’s Nxivm’s heiress’s alcoholic heiress was sentenced Wednesday to six years and nine months in prison for public service, a much harsher sentence than even prosecutors had demanded.

The daughter of the late Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman-elder pleaded guilty last year to accusations of the infamous group’s sex-selling Senegalese Keith Ranier.

I highly recommend the HBO documentary The Vow, which gives an inside look into the absolute insanity that was NXIVM. Powerful and elite weirdos ran the sex cult. They claimed to be searching for meaning but were, in fact, desperately in need of psychotherapy. Both Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are still waiting for sentencing more than a year after their convictions.

Bronfman received a little more than six years in the slammer for her part in the trafficking cult that enslaved illegal immigrants and tortured women and minor teens. To me, it seems light, but the prosecution claims it was more than they even asked for and was the maximum allowable sentence for this type of crime. Apparently, Judge Nicholas Garaufis showed up to play hardball.

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