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Chinese woman, “Lam” dies after being lit by her ex-husband while live streaming on Tiktok



It was revealed that a woman who was live on the Chinese version of TikTok “Sound” was suddenly attacked by her ex-husband on September 14 and died on the 30th. The number of female followers exceeds 780,000, and the image suddenly turned black during the distribution, and the female screams echoed. “Mirror” and “The Sun” are reported.

Lam, a native of Jinchuan County, Aba Tibetan and Chang Autonomous Prefecture in northern Sichuan, China, died at a hospital on September 30 at the age of 30. At around 8:20 pm on September 14, Lam was suddenly attacked by his ex-husband Tang while he was broadcasting live on the Chinese version of TikTok “Soon” at home.

According to the Chinese media “Beijing Youth Daily,” Tan put a knife on Mrs. Lam’s neck when he came by motorcycle and lit it with a lighter when he sprinkled gasoline while his family was watching. The viewer said, “Immediately after someone came, the image that Mrs. Lam was delivering suddenly went black and the screams echoed,” said the situation at that time, and this was Mrs. Lam’s final delivery. Oops.

Lam was immediately taken to a local hospital and transferred to a hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan three days later in a coma. she was seriously injured by burning 90% of her body, and although there were signs of recovery such as opening her eyes for a while, she died 16 days after the incident.

She has been married to Tan for 10 years, and Lam has two boys. However, after suffering from domestic violence for a long time, she divorced in June this year. She lived with her father, but life was never easy, and Her 12- and 3-year-old sons were taken over by Tan, who could afford it.

Mrs. Lam in Yone is gaining popularity by performing Tibetan songs against the backdrop of beautiful mountains.

When the family asked for donation of Mr. Lam’s medical expenses, about 15.5 million yen (1 million yuan) was donated in half a day. The followers were terribly shocked by Ram’s case, which was always bright, and there were many voices cheering for Ram, saying, “Get well soon” and “Show your smile again!”.

Tan, on the other hand, has been hospitalized with burns to 45% of his body, and the detailed motive for the crime has not been revealed. However, some reports said, “I have roots in Mr. Lam’s divorce, and even after the divorce, he was relentlessly chasing Mr. Lam.”

The family who lost Mr. Lam hopes that he can regain the custody of his two sons and manage to rebuild his life by relying on the money collected.

By the way, in August, in the United States, a 33-year-old man committing suicide at home was broadcast live on Facebook and spread rapidly on TikTok and other media . It warned SNS users not to watch the video.

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