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Anya Geraldine – Beberapa Hal yang Perlu Anda Ketahui



Anya Geraldine Profil:

Real Name: Anya Geraldine
Age: 24-year-old
Birth Place: Indonesia
Birth Date:  December 15, 1995
Profession: Actress

Who is Anya Geraldine

Meet Anya Geraldine, an artist and celebrity who is now excited about breaking up with her boyfriend, Ovi Rangkuti.

Anya Geraldine’s bio has been in the spotlight recently because it is rumoured that her relationship with Ovi Rangkuti has become increasingly tenuous.

The issue was picked up when both of them had unfollowed each other and deleted photos both on their respective Instagram.

Even though on Wednesday (19/8/2020) Anya and Ovi attended the event in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta.

Following is the profile and biodata of Anya Geraldine reported from Kompas in the article ‘Profile of Anya Geraldine, Selebgram Catfish and Duck Breeder’

Nur Amalina Hayati, or better known as Anya Geraldine was born in Jakarta December 15, 1995.

Her name began to take off in the entertainment world after uploading a vlog with his ex-girlfriend, Okky Raditya.

Another video where Anya buys a car for Okky.

Anya Geraldine’s beautiful face and 177 cm tall made Anya win 1st place in the Gading Model Search (GMS) modelling contest in 2016.

Launching in Arief Muhammad’s vlog entitled Playing to Anya Geraldine’s Apartment, the 24-year-old woman admits that she has a unique habit of rarely showering.

“I take a shower, the benchmark is my hair. If for example, my hair is limp, it’s not clear that I just shampooed it,” said Anya.

Anya also admitted that she did not know how many times she bathed in a week.

“It depends on the hair. If there are many events, I can shower every day. If there are not many events, I can take five days without showering. But I rarely sweat,” added Anya.

Not a contemporary cafe or cake-like other artists, but duck and catfish livestock.

In addition, Anya also has a burger business called a burger bar.

“There are burgers, Burger Bar, I will open it in front of Sudirman Park, on the 7th (November) launching,” he said.

It is known recently that Anya Geraldine has ended her relationship with a businessman named Ovi Rangkuti.

This issue was detected when they forgot to unfollow each other and followed the photos together on their respective Instagram.

As reported by Tribun Solo in the article ‘Anya Geraldine and Ovi Rangkuti Mutual Unfold and Delete the Two’s Photos, Ovi Had Allow Anya to Cheat’

Even though on Wednesday (19/8/2020) Anya and Ovi attended the event in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta.

Even Anya and Ovi are also willing to be interviewed by the media.

In her statement, Ovi said it was okay if Anya had an affair with another man.

This is due to Rizky Febian’s acknowledgement, who openly admires Anya Geraldine.

Anya herself has just become a clip star of Rizky’s latest song entitled “Cuek”.

On Instagram, Anya appears to have uploaded several photos of her togetherness with Rizky Febian in the context of promotion.

Ovi, as Anya’s lover, admits that she already knows Rizky Febian.

“I know Iky (Rizky Febian’s nickname). As long as I was in work, I never stopped him,”

“I also know the shooting process,” said Ovi Rangkuti in the SCBD area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (19/8/2020).

What happened between Rizky Febian and Anya Geraldine is only part of the job.

Ovi Rangkuti even admits that she is not worried if Anya Geraldine has feelings for other men.

My principle is if your boyfriend wants to cheat, please, said Ovi Rangkuti.

On that occasion, Ovi also talked about the marriage plans with Anya.

Financially, Ovi Rangkuti admits that she is ready to get married.

But before marriage, Ovi Rangkuti and Anya Geraldine must both be ready to step into the aisle.

“If I was simple, I could get married anytime, now I can,” said Ovi Rangkuti.

Ovi Rangkuti’s family is ready to marry Anya Geraldine.

However, to get married, it takes a long preparation.

“Getting married is not that easy,” said Ovi Rangkuti, who did not want to rush off single.

“Getting married cannot be careless. It must be well prepared,” said Ovi Rangkuti, who has had a love story with Anya Geraldine since the past.

Now, the exhausted romance reportedly ran aground, a day after appearing in public together.

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