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Actor Hugh Jackman “Logan” appears shirtless while Ryan Reynolds also jokes with laughter in a new Instagram video



Hugh Jackman (51), a well-known actor who plays the main character Wolverine in the movie “X-MEN”, has released a video that is mind-blowing and inevitable to laugh. The video also commented on actor Ryan Reynolds, who has long been close enough to play with each other.

On October 1st, local time, popular Australian actor Hugh Jackman posted a video on his Instagram with the words, “What should I say? These boots are very comfortable to wear.” It’s up. In the video, Hugh, who wears nothing but black short boots, sits in a chair with his legs spread out and says, “Sure, I really like it. These are comfortable to wear. It’s great.” I’m telling the man who does. Actually, this is an advertising video of the Australian shoe brand “RM Williams”, and Hugh appears as the cast.

And a man who seems to be an employee of “RM Williams” said, “I’m grateful that you follow our rule” You should only wear RM Williams “, but you can wear clothes, rather properly. I recommend you to wear clothes. ” Many of you may have found out why Hugh was naked without wearing anything other than shoes. Of course, even if it is naked, the important part is nicely hidden by the male head and mosaic. Hugh praised the brand’s products, saying, “Look at this! Beautiful stitches on this beautiful leather. And these shoes are comfortable.” “All RM Williams products are great.” It ends with the scene of rubbing the buttocks on the chair while praising.

In this advertising video, Actor Ryan Reynolds, 43, who is playfully intimate with each other, made a joke that spoke for Hugh’s feelings, saying, “Interesting fact: the chair is now being traumatized and counselled.” And as if to piggyback on it, some followers commented, “Oh my god! I want to be that chair,” and some of them praised it as “the best ad ever!” And “super laughter!” Voices were heard one after another.

By the way, a few days before this laughing advertisement video was released by Hugh, Hugh’s 13-year-old older wife Deborah Lee Furness (64) appeared on the Australian TV program “Anh’s Brush with Fame” and has been whispered for many years. “Gay theory” was cut off. Deborah mentioned that a number of media outlets had speculated about his sexuality, “Isn’t Hugh gay?” “I’ve seen magazines reporting that, but they have a terrible spirit. It’s really terrible. I hope people don’t buy these magazines, and I want them to realize that it’s all made up of information. ”

“He’s been gay for many years, and I was gay in the movie Shame (released in 1988). I’m sure I was shocked to get married,” he joked and laughed seriously. “But this is wrong. It’s like someone telling Elton John that he’s straight. He’ll definitely get angry,” he said. He dismissed Hugh’s gay theory, using the example of singer Elton John, who has announced that there is something. Hugh’s “Gay Theory” is said to have emerged from the fact that he played a gay singer in the musical “The Boy from Oz” in 2003 and actually kissed an actor.



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