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“We have an incopetent and unprofessional government in Ukraine” – Gerasimov said (Watch Video)



Ukraine – Ukraine is a strong state, but the current government is unprofessional and incompetent.

This opinion was in the air ” Direct ” remarks co-chairman of the faction “European solidarity” Arthur Gerasimov .

“Ukraine is a strong state. The Ukrainian army is a strong army. Ukrainian society is a strong society, and it proves it every day. Ukrainian veterans are strong veterans. And Ukrainian volunteers are strong people. Who is weak here? Yes, We have a weak Ukrainian government today. Unprofessional, incompetent and very weak. Ukraine proved what a strong government is when Petro Poroshenko did so by imposing sanctions on Russia, “Gerasimov said.

I want to remind you again because many people have forgotten: there were no sanctions for Transnistria, there were no sanctions for Georgia, there were no sanctions for many other things. Look at what is happening in Belarus now. Do you see these sanctions? There are no sanctions for Ukraine only because there was a powerful president and there was a strong international work, there were sanctions. And here the weak power is a really big problem. What to do? I will explain it.


To change the power and to do so “The green team did not bring the country to a catastrophe – not only in the international arena but also in the economy and in counteracting the epidemic. Everywhere!”, – the people’s deputy summarized.

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