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Simpsons Trump Death Predictions – What You Need To Know



The Simpsons did that. ” A very pronounced phrase that is repeated when an event occurs in real life, as predicted by the Simpsons.

And while most of the time they were all well aware of predictions such as the Trump presidency’s outbreak of Ebola, the prediction of Donald Trump’s coronavirus is not out of date.

US President Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania tested positive for coronavirus. As soon as the news came, social media buzzed with the “prediction” made by the “Simpsons”.

Remember when there was a viral picture on social media in August claiming that the American animated sitcom “The Simpsons” predicted the death of US President Donald Trump on August 27, 2020? Well, the claims are back.


The image shows a cartoon version of Trump lying in a coffin and gives an impression that it is a still from an episode of the show.

Trump got corona? 😭😂 The Simpson’s don’t miss

— YaLocalWhiteBoy (@NoHoesGeorge) October 2, 2020

After the positive diagnosis of the President, many people turned to social networks to mention that the Fox cartoon once again predicted the future event.

Many people took to social media in the aftermath of the president’s positive diagnosis to point out that the Fox cartoon had once again predicted a future event.

However, the image turns out to be fake and no episode of the sitcom actually predicted his death. The date August 27 is just a random date picked by several TikTok users.

Many folks who are fans of the show tried to explain that the picture was fake, և “The Simpsons” never broadcast any episode predicting Trump’s death.

What if Trump become too sick to be president?

Mr Trump is required to go into self-isolation for 10 days from receiving his positive Covid test on 1 October, so he may still be able to take part in the next presidential debate, scheduled for 15 October.

A rally due to take place in Florida on Friday has been scrapped. The president will instead have a “phone call on COVID-19 support to vulnerable seniors”, according to the White House.

Mr Trump has other rallies scheduled during this period, which will now have to be cancelled or postponed.

For now, President Trump is reported to have “mild symptoms”, but if he did become too ill to carry out his duties, this is what the US constitution sets out:

The 25th Amendment allows a president to hand over power to the vice-president, which means Mike Pence would become acting president. Once fit again, Mr Trump could reclaim his position.

If the president was too unwell to hand over power, the cabinet and vice-president could declare him unable to continue, and Mr Pence would assume the role.

If Mr Pence became incapacitated as well, under the Presidential Succession Act Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives – a Democrat – would be next in line, although constitutional experts say such a transfer of power would prompt legal battles.

If she were unwilling or unable to take on the role, it would be handed to a senior Republican Senator, currently the 87-year-old Charles E Grassley. This too would almost certainly face legal challenges.

United States Election can be delayed if….

President Trump’s period of self-isolation clearly has an impact on his ability to campaign.

So the question has been raised as to whether the election could be delayed, and how this might happen.

The US presidential election is held by law on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, every four years – so this year it’s on 3 November.

Changing the date would be up to US lawmakers, and not the president.

It would require a majority of them in both Houses of Congress to vote in favour of any change of date. That is unlikely, given that it would have to pass through the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

Even if it were to be changed, the US Constitution would allow the Presidential Administration to serve only four years. Thus, the term of office of President Trump will automatically end on the afternoon of January 20, 2021.

To change this date, you will need to make changes to the constitution. It had to be approved by two-thirds of U.S. lawmakers or state-level legislators, then three-quarters of U.S. states, which, again, is unlikely.


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It is believed that all of this is still a hoax

This is not the first time that viral theory has been attributed to performance.

It was recently praised for predicting a positive Tom Hanks test for COVID-19 that the whole world would have to isolate itself after a virus outbreak.

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