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Japanese shooting star, Shinichiro Takigami and partner Satomi Ishihara’s marriage crashes



On October 1st, there was contrasting news that actress Satomi Ishihara’s marriage with Shinichiro Takigami, a shooting star, reportedlly crashes.

While shocking the announcement of the marriage breakup of Satomi Ishihara, who is known for her beauty that ranked in the “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” for 6 consecutive years until 2018, Takigami and his wife, Ayana Kobayashi, divorced. There were various reactions.

The agency has announced that Satomi Ishihara will marry a male office worker of the same age. According to it, he hasn’t lived together yet and plans to enroll by the end of the year. It is also reported that the drama “Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist’s Prescription” (Fuji TV series) starring Satomi Ishihara reached the final episode on September 24, and the marriage was announced at the timing of a break.

On the other hand, shooting star Shinichiro Takigami wrote on his blog, “I am going to get divorced this time. There were various causes, but to the extent that I can say it, I made a divorce manzai.” I’ll give it back with a laugh. ”

In the next post, Takigami was surprised to see the net news that “Satomi Ishihara announced her marriage on the day she announced her divorce!” “It looks like I divorced and quit the entertainer and married Satomi Ishihara!” Thank you Satomi Ishihara! And congratulations on your marriage! ”, Congratulating him like an entertainer.

On Twitter, in addition to the response that “Takigami-san’s divorce news that was buried in Satomi-san’s marriage news. Why … I can’t laugh, but I laughed.”

“Satomi Ishihara Marriage Shooting Star Takigami Divorce Pramai Zeroya”, “Satomi Ishihara Marriage … !! And Shooting Star Takigami is a divorce. There are voices such as “interesting”, and there are various ways of receiving it.

Among them, “Eh !!! Shooting star Takigami divorced !? It’s a big incident !!”, “Ah, did you get divorced from the wife who touches the body of that man?”, “Shooting star Shinichiro Takigami There were also voices such as “I have the impression that I’m divorced from Reina Kobayashi-> I guess …” and “It’s been a very bright topic for the first time in a while.”

Was the wife of the shooting star, Taki Reina Kobayashi of talent is, there was a quirky place like flames reveals that they were bytes in cabaret during pregnancy blog. In May of this year, her husband, Takigami, was in a big quarrel, being careful of playing with his smartphone while eating. When Takigami reported on June 1 that he was “separated,” Kobayashi also said, “I will go to Takayama, my husband’s parents’ house, for a while, because the fight between the couple will increase and the child will be adversely affected. “It’s now,” he said.

Also, at the TBS “All-Star Thanksgiving ’19 Spring” broadcast on April 6th last year, Reina Kobayashi, who was a swimsuit assistant, fired NG words during the live broadcast, and despite her husband’s existence, “that person” I thought it was really good, “said Noda Crystal, a magical lovely girl, who got a lot of attention. Perhaps that was remembered, because Ayana Kobayashi divorced, there were voices calling out on Twitter, “Kuri Noda !! It’s time to stay !!!”.

Also, when shooting star Takigami, who just finished the divorce report, advertised the host club project “CLUB SHOOTING STAR” and tweeted “Because I got divorced, Takigami is yours”, the followers also said “Yabe”. “Eh, I can’t laugh …”, “Oh, there are various couples, but private is not related to laughter!”

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