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Woman Loses Her Life Following A Domestic Violence From Her Husband



A 23-year-old woman identified as Elena Alinj, a mother of an 11-month-old girl  reportedly lost her life following a domestic violence from her husband in America. She had suffered brutal domestic violence from her partner.

According to the family, Elena suffered clinical death from lack of oxygen to the brain as a result of her partner’s negligence to an ambulance in time.

Her family also revealed that had severe body injuries: Broken ribs, broken jaw, broken spline, cuts, bruises and bite marks.

Elena came to America 5 years ago from Albania after winning the green card lottery and came in search of a better life.

Following the tragic incident, the husband in question has been arrested by the police and investigation is expected to commence soon.

Elena’s Family Releases Statement On Her Death

The family has released an official statement on the death of daughter, read below…

With a sad heart, we announce the Albanian community for the painful and premature loss of 23-year-old Elena Alinj. The cause of death is domestic violence from the partner. Elena has suffered clinical death from lack of oxygen to the brain as a result of her partner’s negligence to notify the ambulance in time. It has been confirmed by the medicine and the police district that the victim has suffered severe physical violence against her; rib fractures, spinal fractures, bite marks and spots all over the body. The girl died within 24 hours in resuscitation.

Elena was the devoted mother of an 11-month-old baby who unfortunately will never be able to see her mother again. The baby is now left without parents as her father is not responsible. Elena came to America for a better life after winning the American lottery. Alone, without any relatives in America, she fell into the arms of a barbarian man who apparently did not know her well. She has never complained about her partner abusing her. Until Monday morning after many attempts to connect with her, we were informed that Elena had suffered a heart attack from the barbaric violence of her partner. While Elena’s partner is arrested and is expected to be sentenced, we ask for your help to send her body to Albania, where all her relatives are, and for the deceased to rest in peace. We must also make it impossible for Elena’s family (mother and father) to gain the right to raise the little orphan girl. Please help us as much as you can. The link for donations is below. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of the parents of Elena Agron and Mirela Alinj!.

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