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Mita The Virgin – Who is Mita



Cameria Happy Pramita Profile:

Real Name: Cameria Happy Pramita
Age: 34 yrs
Birth Date: 2nd January 1986
Birth Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Profession: Music ARTIST

Who is Mita

Real name is Cameria Happy Pramita was born in Jakarta , Indonesia , 2 January 1986 ; age 34, he is popular as Mita or Mita The Virgin is a guitarist and songwriter Indonesia. He is a member of the duo group The Virgin , which also includes Dara Rizki Ruhiana as a vocalist. He is also a guitarist and backing vocalist from TRIAD . Mita has an official fan club called Mita RockerZ or often abbreviated as MRZ.


Mita is the daughter of Emmy Sofyana who was born on January 2, 1986, in Jakarta. He is the first child of 3 siblings. He has two half brothers from his stepfather, Edimas Purwanto, named Dimas Rizky Prianto (late) and Dimas Yuka. From birth to childhood Mita lived in Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung. Prior to founding group of The Virgin, Mita is a guitarist of rock band The Rock belongs to Ahmad Dhani commonly called The Rock Indonesia.

Mita also had the opportunity to sing the singles Cinta Mati II and Cinta Fitri with Mulan Jameela. And has become an Official member of TRIAD or commonly called The Rock Indonesia Ahmad Dhani who has launched his first album in early 2010. Since SMP Mita has started to band with friends including GMF Girls in grade 3.

Mita and her partner Dara Rizki Ruhiana really like chili sauce and meatballs. Mita’s favourite colours are red and black. For birthdays, Mita always gets Elmo dolls gifts from her fans, that’s because Mita really likes Elmo . Since long time ago, Mita idolized Matthew Bellamy, the guitarist of the British band Muse . Mita also really likes England and her second favorite country is Japan.


Discography Of Mita


Seneng banget RCM bisa Reuni kemarin .. Setelah sekian lama ga kumpul akhirnya kumpul .. Kangen acara musik rame seperti dulu yang jauh dari orang2 yang cm sensasi .. Semoga segera kembali seperti dulu dimana Karya selalu di kedepan kan dibanding Sensasi .. Bangga bisa ttp bertahan sampai sekarang di dunia musik dengan berjuang karna Berkarya .. Vlog RCM Reunion udah tayang di Mimit TV ya .. Siapa yang nunggu part 2 nya ?? Segera diupload yah .. 🤘😎 #thevirgin #triad #rcm #reunion

New Beginning 09 (2009) – Forbidden Love ( The Virgin )
“Cinta Mati II” (2009) – Mulan Jameela featuring Mita The Virgin
“Cinta Fitri” (2009) – Mulan Jameela featuring Mita the Virgin
Bebi Romeo Various Artists (Selamat Jalan Kekasih) (2011)
Yes I Am! (2011) – The Virgin
Positive Negative (2014) – The Virgin

Film Televion Appearances

FTV “Forbidden Love” (2011)
FTV “Love 1/2 Dead” (2012)
FTV “In the Name of Love” (2012)
FTV “Soul Mate” (2012)
FTV “My Love Is Here” (2012)
FTV “100 Hearts for Zaki” (2012)
FTV “Maybe Love Maybe No” (2013)

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