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Little girl, 3-year-old dies from heart attack after taking dad’s cocaine



A 3-year-old girl died of a heart attack after a cocaine addict brought her home by her drug-addicted father, a judge ruled.

The child, who was named only K in court, was admitted to the hospital with suspected sepsis or meningitis but collapsed and died in 2019. On April 6. An autopsy revealed that he had cocaine in his blood.

The child, whose name was K, was admitted to hospital with suspected sepsis or meningitis but collapsed and died on April 6, 2019. A post-mortem then revealed she had cocaine in her blood.

The parents of the dead child accused each other of bringing drugs into their home, the father claimed that his mother had left cocaine in the bedroom drawer. Their other four children were removed from the house.

High Court Justice Williams has now ruled that Father K “cautiously” brought cocaine home “in connection with his drug activities.”

He said it was probable the drug-dealer had “brought the cocaine onto the premises” and “processed it in some way in an area which the children would have access to”.

Exactly how K came to ingest the cocaine remains unclear, the judge said. He also blamed the mother for being “well aware” of the dad bringing drugs into the property, as she was also using them herself.

He went on: “It seems most probable that she turned a blind eye or persuaded herself that sufficient precautions were being taken to protect the children. This was to kid herself.”

The judge described K as a “playful, cheeky and loving little girl with all of her life to live” and said he hoped the parents would learn from her death,

The girl had been living in London at the time of her death, and six arrests were made in connection with the case last year, a spokesperson for the Met Police said. All were released under investigation, but an investigation led by specialist crime command is still ongoing.

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