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Holly Bobo Death – Few Things You Need To Know



Holly Bobo Death:

Real Name: Holly Bobo
Age: 20-year-old
Death Date: April 13 2011
Place Of Death: US
Cause Of Death: Murdered

What Happened To Holly Bobo

A man with a mental disability has joined Alford’s plea in connection with the abduction, rape and death of a nursing student almost seven years ago.

In a petition on Monday in which Tennessee’s John’s Dylan Adams pleaded not guilty to Holly Bobo’s murder but confirmed that prosecutors had evidence to convict him, Adams was sentenced to 15 years in prison for facilitating the first-degree murder  35 years, especially for kidnapping.

The sentences will work at the same time, Adams waived his right to appeal his sentence.

20-year-old Bobo got up from Darden, Tennessee in 2011. At the beginning of April 13 to take a test, but appeared near his parents’ house at 07 o’clock. At 45. Her brother thought she had seen it with her boyfriend, but when he learned it was not true, she was gone!

Bobo’s dead body were found in September 2014 in a forest about 20 miles from Darden, about 100 miles southwest of Nashville.

“Our goal when this started was to punish this man as much as we could,” Prosecutor Paul Hagerman said.

Holly Bobo, 20, of Darden, Tenn., was killed April 13, 2011, after being kidnapped from her home.
On Sept. 22, Adams’ brother, Zach Adams of Holladay, was found guilty of several charges, including kidnapping, rape and first-degree murder in the killing. The next day, he was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years.

“This started seven years ago, and they’ve been waiting for seven years for justice,” Hagerman said. “They got some at Zach’s trial and Zach’s verdict, and now they get a little more with John Dylan Adams.”

During the September trial, Hagerman said Zach Adams was addicted to methamphetamines and morphine; kidnapped Bobo; then drugged, raped and shot her before discarding her body and bragging that it never would be found. Both court proceedings for the Adams brothers were moved from Decatur County, where Bobo’s remains were found, to Hardin County because of publicity surrounding the young woman’s death.

“I appreciate the hard work that went into this, and I know that no one is happy with this,” Circuit Court Judge C. Creed McGinley said of the Alford plea. “You can’t be, and I’m particularly glad that the family will be spared going through another extensive trial.”

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