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Demi Lovato releases new song “I still have myself,” immediately after her engagement with actor Max Ehrich was canceled



Demi Lovato, who had been silent even after breaking her engagement with actor Max Ehrich, surprised fans with a new song released on September 30th. The song, which sang the feeling of trying to inspire oneself, saying, “I still have myself,” even though it was pushed down to the bottom and hurt, “the best masterpiece in my career history” “The fans have praised us.

Singer Demi Lovato, who started dating with actor Max Ehrich in March and announced her engagement in July, was recently informed that her engagement had been cancelled. The two said that Max had repeatedly thrown unscrupulous “courtesy tweets” to Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande in the past and that Max had “used” Demi to advance his career. Is reportedly affected and led to a catastrophe.

In the Instagram story, “If you are reading this … I always love you … at any time … whatever happens”, what is Max who still seems to be undeveloped? In contrast, Demi said, “I’m glad I knew the true nature of my fiancée” and “I’m relieved to break up,” and now he’s spending time positively with his family and friends.

Demi continues to remain silent about the cancellation of her engagement, but on September 30th, she wrote a short comment saying “Music is always with me …” and released a new song “STILL HAVE ME”. Announced. The production time has not been disclosed, Lyrics such as “Everything around me has shattered” “The world has changed from heaven to hell” “I don’t have much, but I still have myself” “That’s enough” There are many fans who repeat the feelings of Demi who was hurt by the catastrophic riot in the same song. Instagram

“I was impressed by the appearance of spitting out real emotions.”
“You are with us !!”
” Because we are always on your side.”

There were many encouraging comments for Demi.

In addition, many fans were impressed by the transparent Demi’s singing voice, which is both ephemeral and powerful, and the lyrics that struck the heart.



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“I can’t find the words because of the excitement”
“I’ve been waiting for such a song !!”
“Undoubtedly, it’s the best masterpiece in my career history”
“I can cry no matter how many times I listen”
“You with the voice of an angel It’s a song that feels like it’s flapping like a butterfly. ”

There are many voices who praise the completeness of the music.

Recently , Demi has released songs in collaboration with Sam Smith and popular masked DJ Marshmello, but the solo song has been released for the first time in half a year since March this year. Eating disorders, bipolar disorder, drug and alcohol dependence, and engagement cancellation … Demi Lovato has overcome the adversities that often fall upon her. The melody she spins to inspire herself is worth a listen.

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