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Dara The Virgin – Who is Dara



Dara Rizki Ruhiana Profile:

Real Name: Dara Rizki Ruhiana
Age: 29 yrs
Birth Place: West Java, Indonesia
Birth Date: August 9, 1991
Profession: Music Artist
Parents:  Asep Ruhiat and Nunung Mardiana

Who Is Dara Rizki Ruhiana

Her real name is Dara Rizki Ruhiana, born in Tasikmalaya , West Java , August 9, 1991 ; age 29 years  or more popularly known as Dara or Dara The Virgin is an Indonesian singer and actress . She is the vocalist of the duo The Virgin , which also consists of Mita .

Dara has an official fan club known as Dara Loverz and often abbreviated as DLZ.

Dara is the eldest of 3 children, the daughter of Asep Ruhiat and Nunung Mardiana. Dara started her career as a singer when she was high school (SMA) Al-Muttaqin in Tasikmalaya. At that time, Dara, who was the pensi committee at her school, invited several well-known indie bands in the city of Tasikmalaya, such as Chronic, Coke-Pit, Harmony Pop. Starting from a duet with Chronic band in the pensi event as a backing vocalist , finally Dara joined Chronic as a backing vocalist .

Dara realized that she still lacks experience in vocal work. Then on the advice of his bandmates (Chronic), she practised vocals at the Reka Vocalia music school in Tasikmalaya. Within 3 months since vocal training, Dara auditioned for Mamamia Show 2008 with her mother. It was at this singing contest that was broadcast by Indosiar, when Dara met the musician Ahmad Dhani , who at that time was one of the judges or executors.

Unfortunately, Dara, who was 17 at the time, and her mother died from the top nine. Ahmad Dhani did not remain silent.

Dhani immediately fell in love with Dara’s appearance. When commenting on Dara, Dhani promised to take her to the recording kitchen if Dara failed at the Mamamia event.

Not long after, Dara was then kicked out of the 9 big Mamamia . Dhani kept his promise and introduced Dara to Mita, a female guitarist at The Rock .

Together with The Virgin, Dara participated in making the compilation album New Beginning 09 which also made their debut single. The song The Virgin won 2 nominations at the Inbox Awards, namely the Most Asked Newcomer and Longest Video Clip in Position 1.

In 2011, Dara and Mitha released their debut album titled Yes I Am with 9 songs in it. After 3 years, they returned to release their second album, entitled Positive Negative. In this album, Dara also acts as a composer and arranger of their songs.

But unfortunately, after the release of their second album, Dara and Mitha decided to go on hiatus from The Virgin. Dara is developing her solo career, while Mitha has a side project with Citra under the name Black Champagne.

Dara started her solo with the single Pujaan Hatiku, whose lyrics were written by Posan Tobing. Meanwhile, in terms of genre, Dara added a Malay touch to her music.

In terms of romance, Dara is reportedly close to Tyo Anak Bintang who is a member of the Super 9 Boyz boy band. Their closeness has been established since 2015. Tyo did not hesitate to post his photo with Dara on his Instagram account.

Finally, the duo The Virgin was formed at the end of 2008. The first single released by Dara and Mitha / ( Cameria Happy Pramita ) was ” Forbidden Love “.

Idol My Heart (2017)

Photography of
Bride Circumcision (2010)
Kok Putusin Me (2015)
The Promise (2017)

Forbidden Love (2011)
Love 1/2 Mati (2012)
In the Name of Love (2012)
My Soulmate (2012)
My Love is Here (2012)
100 Hearts for Zaki (2012)

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