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Why your breasts are sagging and what you can do to prevent them



How to straighten a sagging breast: The big question of the weekend: Are your breasts sagging and getting flat? At puberty, following pregnancy, significant weight loss, or over the years, the bust may change in appearance, and the breasts become stretched, the chest sagging. How to prevent a woman’s breast from becoming flat

Here’s why your breasts are sagging and what you can do …

Want a beautiful breast without resorting to the scalpel? Make-up, exercises, good posture, firming creams… Discover our 10 tips to avoid sagging breasts!

Over time and age, breasts tend to sag, lose firmness and elasticity, even if you have a small breast! This is called breast ptosis. Not very aesthetic, this phenomenon tends to complicate women who imagine having to resort to the scalpel. However, having a beautiful breast that holds without going directly through the cosmetic surgery box is possible. As long as you take good habits and do a little gym.

Cold water is known to activate blood circulation, tone and firm the skin. Before getting out of the shower, run a stream of cold water over your breasts from the bottom up. The effect is surprising but effective!

Cheating a bit never hurt anyone! If you want to make an impact for a night out, consider push-ups that go up the chest and give her a cup. However, be careful not to overuse these bras which tend to compress the chest.

No, there is no muscle in the breasts. However, you can still build your pecs which support and enhance the chest. Dumbbells, push-ups, a rower … vary the exercises to strengthen the area. And for the more courageous, taking out a swimming pool membership and swimming lengths isn’t bad either! Not motivated yet? By strengthening your pecs, you can (slightly, eh!) Gain in volume.

First, we forget about underwear that is too small. The aesthetic effect is certainly gratifying, but the one on your chest is much less. Secondly, it is important to choose lingerie suited to the shape of your breasts for good support. Tip, remember that with time and age the body changes. Therefore, you should regularly reassess your bra size.

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