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South Korean Actress, Oh In Hye Is Dead



South Korean Actress, Oh In Hye Dies At 36.

Oh In Hye Profile

Name Oh In Hye
Hangul 오인혜
Birthday January 4, 1984
Date Of Death September 14, 2020
Nationality  South Korea
Height 5’5″ (1.65 m)

Popular South Korean actress Oh In Hye is dead. The actress according to reports passed away in hospital yesterday September 14 2020 after she was discovered unresponsive at her home. She died of Cardiac arrest.

Oh In Hye, 36 years of age was found at around 5 am in her home in Incheon city, according to the Incheon Yeonsu Police and the Songdo Fire Department.

When she was rushed to the Inha University hospital, Oh In Hye was said to have reportedly stabilised but never regain consciousness.

An acquaintance who spoke to newsmen said she hoped the actress would come back to her normal state but sadly never did.

“I hoped she would be able to overcome this crisis. But in the end, she was never able to regain consciousness,” the acquaintance told Dispatch.

The police are somehow saying that Oh In Hye death was an attempted suicide.

“Oh In-hye’s friend found her and reported it, but we do not know why the friend was there. We currently believe that she [attempted suicide].”.. Police said.

Few Things You Need To Know About Oh In Hye (Biography, Biodata)

Oh In Hye is a popular South Korean actress who became popular after starring on Eating, Talking, Faucking movie.

The actress is 33 years of age. She was born on January 4, 1984.

In-hye Oh was an actress, known for Janus: Two Faces of Desire (2014), Red Vacance Black Wedding (2011) and Sowon taeksi (2013). She died on September 14, 2020, in Incheon, South Korea.

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